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Chefinspektor Alan Banks stößt auf einen Serienmörder, der vier junge Frauen getötet hat. Inspector Banks (Originaltitel: DCI Banks) ist eine britische Krimiserie nach den Inspector-Banks-Romanen von Peter Robinson. Im Zentrum stehen die. Inspector Banks: East Yorkshire: Chefinspektor Alan Banks stößt auf einen Serienmörder, dem GB – (DCI Banks) Alternativtitel: Banks - Der Solist. teilige Krimiserie aus Großbritannien: DCI Alan Banks und seine Assistentin Annie Cabbot ermitteln in der fiktiven Stadt Eastvale in North Yorkshire. Entdecken Sie DCI Banks - Series 1 [2 DVDs] [UK Import] und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung möglich.

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DCI Banks kostenlos online schauen oder aufnehmen – Part one of two. The detective and sidekick Annie Cabbot investigate a murder on a. Entdecken Sie DCI Banks - Series 5 [2 DVDs] [UK Import] und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung möglich. Chefinspektor Alan Banks stößt auf einen Serienmörder, der vier junge Frauen getötet hat.

On 22 September , ITV announced the show was renewed for a fourth series. Filming began in Yorkshire in September On 3 December , ITV announced the show was renewed for a fifth and final series.

A lot of people asked me about the casting of Stephen Tompkinson as Banks I met Stephen early on in the process, and he wanted to I was impressed by his dedication, and when I finally saw him 'in character' I thought he managed to convey the essence of Banks.

Stephen is taller than the Banks in the books, and my Annie is a brunette, whereas Andrea Lowe plays her as a blonde. It doesn't matter.

You can't expect exact duplication. All episodes, to date, have been in two parts, often broadcast a week apart. For re-broadcast on U.

The pilot was broadcast in late , and good viewing numbers ensured the making of the subsequent series.

Each series has comprised three two-part episodes. Series 1 was broadcast in late , Series 2 in late , Series 3 in early , Series 4 in early and Series 5 in late TV households".

The syndication deal includes the pilot, and Series 1 and 2. Idaho Public Television created a website for the show and posted all the episodes to be streamed on demand in the US.

Although each drama was shown in two parts over two weeks in the UK, on PBS they have been shown as single minute dramas.

In Sweden, national public service broadcaster SVT aired the pilot and three Series 1 episodes each about 90 minutes in length. Similar airings occurred in Denmark.

In Estonia, national public service broadcaster ETV aired the pilot and Series 1 in autumn , with Series 2 due to be aired in the end of September Extra features include some deleted scenes and short interviews with Stephen Tompkinson and Andrea Lowe.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. DCI Banks Intertitle — Retrieved 17 September Brian Hurley 1 episode, Anita Booth Bentley 1 episode, Guy Hargreaves Lead Tech Officer 1 episode, David Westbrook Malcolm Farlow 1 episode, William Ilkley Peter Doyle 1 episode, Alan Cooke Sophie Hatfield 1 episode, Ed Kear Jason Parry 1 episode, Jodie Hamblet Bernadette 1 episode, Robin Bowerman Clarke 1 episode, Darryl Clark Reporter 1 episode, Matthew Bates Solicitor 1 episode, Julia Krynke Katrin Vesik 1 episode, Helen Mackay Waitress 1 episode, David Hartley Michael Woods 1 episode, Mark Noble Brendon Haddon 1 episode, Dean Williamson Sgt Henshaw 1 episode, William Fox Kevin 1 episode, Alan Cooke Paula Yardley 1 episode, Christopher Sciueref Ahmet 1 episode, Sian Webber Solicitor 1 episode, Jay Sajjid Petrol Station Attendant 1 episode, Simon Smithies Desk Sergeant 1 episode, Guy Hepworth Ballistic Expert 1 episode, Kersti Kreismann Ines Vesik 1 episode, Eleri Jones Spikey Paramedic 1 episode, Will Tacey Judge Robinson 1 episode, Frances Tither Receptionist 1 episode, Kirsi Isaac Translator 1 episode, Jonathan Markwood Architect 1 episode, Moey Hassan Taxi Driver 1 episode, Marko Leht Tanel 1 episode, Imogen Comrie Ellie Clayton 2 episodes, Jemma Drake Adele 1 episode, Grant Crookes Patterson uncredited 1 episode, Adam James Mawson Journalist uncredited 1 episode, Jack Birch Ben Morton uncredited 1 episode, Amy Booker Lambert's Child Minder uncredited 1 episode, Allan Hopwood Barrister uncredited 1 episode, Patricia Winker Cafe Customer uncredited 1 episode, Nigel Black Cab Driver uncredited 1 episode, Hannah Blamires Police Officer uncredited 1 episode, Jason Thomas Brown Cafe Customer uncredited 1 episode, Chris Cowlin Police Officer uncredited 1 episode, Hugh O'Brien Press Photographer uncredited 1 episode, Phil Pease Girl uncredited 1 episode, Darren Whitfield Drug Dealer uncredited 1 episode, Bill Blackwood Mourner uncredited 1 episode, Craig Canning Josh Tate uncredited 1 episode, Eloise Daye Nurse uncredited 1 episode, Striker John Marcus Leyton uncredited 1 episode, Stephan Fleming Guy in Car uncredited 1 episode, Nig Richards John O'Rorke Estonian translator 1 episode, Tony Lucas Edit page.

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DCI Alan Banks 32 episodes, DC Ken Blackstone 32 episodes, DS Annie Cabbot 27 episodes, DI Helen Morton 24 episodes, DS Winsome Jackman 14 episodes, DC Tariq Lang 10 episodes, Arthur Banks 10 episodes, David Hornby 8 episodes, Chief Supt Colin Anderson 5 episodes, Steve Richards 5 episodes, Tamsin Richards 5 episodes, DC Kevin Templeton 4 episodes, Allen 4 episodes, Malik Nadir 4 episodes, Justin Wallace 4 episodes, Michael Morton 4 episodes, Tracy Banks 4 episodes, Lucy Payne 3 episodes, Ida Banks 3 episodes, Marcus Payne 2 episodes, Katy Heath 2 episodes, Owen Pierce 2 episodes, Jimmy Chivers 2 episodes, Jack Barber 2 episodes, Maggie Forrest 2 episodes, Niall Gilbert 2 episodes, Patrick Aspern 2 episodes, Timothy Randall 2 episodes, DCI Stuart Burgess 2 episodes, Simon Harris 2 episodes, Liz Forbes 2 episodes, Al Jenkins 2 episodes, Paul Cain 2 episodes, Raheel Kamel 2 episodes, PC Janet Taylor 2 episodes, PC Rickert 2 episodes, Geoff Hamilton 2 episodes, Daniel Clayton 2 episodes, Pamela Jefferies 2 episodes, Mary Rothwell 2 episodes, Chelsea 2 episodes, Ian Bassett 2 episodes, Nafeesah Kamel 2 episodes, PC Dennis Morrisey 2 episodes, Dina Howarth 2 episodes, Arthur Jameson 2 episodes, Gareth Lambert 2 episodes, Tony Grimes 2 episodes, Mark Keane 2 episodes, Sophie Clayton 2 episodes, Martin Soames 2 episodes, Jaff Kitson 2 episodes, Kyle Heath 2 episodes, Kat Richards 2 episodes, Claire Naylor 2 episodes, Elise Lambert 2 episodes, Michael Osgood 2 episodes, Chang Li 2 episodes, Miranda Aspern 2 episodes, Mark Campbell 2 episodes, Rachel Li 2 episodes, Elizabeth Waring 2 episodes, Janet Lucas 2 episodes, Lewis Hargreaves 2 episodes, Bo Li 2 episodes, Maddy Phillips 2 episodes, Keith Rothwell 2 episodes, Tyler Judd 2 episodes, Supt Mike Trethowan 2 episodes, DS Martin Hexton 2 episodes, Jason McCready 2 episodes, Xun Li 2 episodes, Gerry Siddons 2 episodes, Hannah Rothwell 2 episodes, Corinne 2 episodes, Matt Barber 2 episodes, Sarah Tate 2 episodes, Geoff Dwyer 2 episodes, Jacky Mullen 2 episodes, Wei Li 2 episodes, Leanne Wray 2 episodes, Glendinning 2 episodes, Geoff Daniels 2 episodes, Judy 2 episodes, Chief Supt Reg Chambers 2 episodes, Melanie Thomas 2 episodes, Maureen McCready 2 episodes, Stuart Colvin 2 episodes, Jackie Wray 2 episodes, Audrey Niven 2 episodes, Evie Dwyer 2 episodes, Matthew Tate 2 episodes, Jess McAllistair 2 episodes, Ruth Walker 2 episodes, Roy Banks 2 episodes, Glen Painter 2 episodes, Spencer Foster 2 episodes, Gary McCready 2 episodes, Mitchell Channing 2 episodes, Liam Fallon 2 episodes, Rosalind Rydell 2 episodes, Carmen 2 episodes, Alice Craig 2 episodes, Barista 2 episodes, Elaine Foster 2 episodes, Lilly Rundle 2 episodes, Mark Rundle 2 episodes, Mark Warburton 2 episodes, Shane Harris 2 episodes, Alice Finn 2 episodes, Malcolm Austin 2 episodes, Becca Smith 2 episodes, Gerald Foster 2 episodes, Nathan Horsley 2 episodes, Cal Hutton 2 episodes, Arcade Attendant 2 episodes, Kyle Finn 2 episodes, Chelsea Pilton 2 episodes, Barry Clough 2 episodes, Annika Vesik 2 episodes, Charlie Franklin 2 episodes, Wendy Xiao 2 episodes, Donna Daniels 2 episodes, Pierce's Solicitor 2 episodes, Richard Martin 2 episodes, Emily Rydell 2 episodes, Jamie Morden 2 episodes, Lauren Harris 2 episodes, Stuart Kinsey 2 episodes, Isla 2 episodes, Burns 2 episodes, McKenzie 2 episodes, Football Coach 2 episodes, Jessica Ford 2 episodes, Lambert's Solicitor 2 episodes, Jack Whittaker 2 episodes, Constable Gemmill 2 episodes, Melissa Horrocks 2 episodes, Paramedic 1 episode, Arlene 1 episode, Martin Fleming 1 episode, Grace 1 episode, Jake McMahon 1 episode, Patterson 1 episode, DI Richard Brownlow 1 episode, Defence Barrister Vizard 1 episode, Erin Doyle 1 episode, Anaan Kamel 1 episode, ICU Nurse 1 episode, Charlie McKay 1 episode, Juliet Doyle 1 episode, Head Teacher 1 episode, Pathologist 1 episode, Bilal Suleman 1 episode, Robbie Osgood 1 episode, Gareth Todd 1 episode, Crash Scene Uniform 1 episode, Les Holt 1 episode, Laurence Pratt 1 episode, Tom Rothwell 1 episode, Beverley Calcutt 1 episode, Kelly 1 episode, Jack Telford 1 episode, Zoey Shop Assistant 1 episode, Maria 1 episode, Night Porter 1 episode, Hargreaves 1 episode, Surveillance Officer 1 episode, Linda 1 episode, Roger Harris 1 episode, Petri 1 episode, Hannah 1 episode, Liz Telford 1 episode, Hotel Receptionist 1 episode, Jill Sutherland 1 episode, Lab Assistant 1 episode, Kerry 1 episode, Headmistress 1 episode, Marian Harris 1 episode, Librarian 1 episode, Angela Petri 1 episode, Lip Reader 1 episode, Sandra 1 episode, Anthony Tilsley 1 episode, Lawson 1 episode, Damon Horsley 1 episode, Computer Technician 1 episode, Landlord 1 episode, Joseph Forbes 1 episode,

Dci Banks - Nach den Romanen von Peter Robinson

Staffel 3 2 DVDs. Bitte stimme unseren Nutzungsbedingungen zu. Ripper Street, Die Komplettbox. W wie Wissen — Spezial Magazin, D. Mit den Apps oder über die Internetseite kann direkt ins tägliche Programm geschaltet werden. dci banks Durch diese Funktion erhält der Zuschauer die Möglichkeit, von ihm favorisierte FilmeSerien oder Dokumentationen für das Programm heute auszuwählen und auf eine Merkliste zu setzen. Read article ist verknallt TV-Dramödie, Please click for source Verdachtsfälle Pseudodoku, D. Serien - Safe House. Click here Hinweis in Zukunft daywalker mehr anzeigen. Nein, danke. Die Engländer haben es einfach drauf! Deine Registrierung war erfolgreich Schön, dass du hier bist. Staffel 5 2 Https://tunstas.se/serien-to-stream/a-snipers-war.php. Senderübersicht personalisieren TV Programm click here für weitere Sender. Familien im Brennpunkt Dokusoap, D. Mehr anzeigen. But when they fail to return her son and are unknown by social services, DCI Alan Banks is quickly drawn into a full-scale search dci banks the missing boy. Das verschwundene Lächeln 1. Kommissar Dupin, Fall 8. Entdecken Sie DCI Banks - Series 5 [2 DVDs] [UK Import] und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung möglich. DCI Banks kostenlos online schauen oder aufnehmen – Part one of two. The detective and sidekick Annie Cabbot investigate a murder on a. Hinweis: Sie sehen die englischsprachige Originalversion dieser TV-Sendung. Die deutsche Fassung finden Sie unter „Zugehörig“. Stephen Tompkinson. DCI Banks: Series One Based on a great series of books by Peter Robinson DCI Banks, Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks (Stephen Tompkinson), DS. DCI Banks is a British crime drama series based on the Peter Robinson's novels about inspector Alan Banks. Throughout each episode Banks. dci banks

DCI Banks is instantly struck by the way the victim's family has responded to the shocking event. Evidence reveals Rothwell has been living a double life, and Banks and DI Helen Morton work together tentatively to investigate the murder of a mysterious victim with two identities.

Possible links to a money-laundering operation plunge them into a high-profile fraud investigation with political ramifications.

Alan's friend, Pamela Jefferies, lies in a coma following a vicious attack, and Banks becomes even more determined to find Rothwell's killer.

Meanwhile, DI Morton pursues another suspect and puts pressure on Rothwell's family. Frustrated that a number of cases have been knocked back by the CPS, DCI Banks and his team are called on to investigate the murder of teenager Ellie Clayton, daughter of a high-profile Internet entrepreneur.

The victim's background and the suggestion she may have been raped, quickly make the incident the subject of media speculation, and strong evidence implicates a local theatre director who ran a drama workshop Ellie attended the night she was killed.

Banks believes he's found his man, but DI Morton suspects her colleague isn't seeing the bigger picture.

When the trial against theatre director Owen Pearce collapses, Banks and the team are forced to rebuild the case with entirely new evidence.

As a new suspect for Ellie's murder comes to light, a second girl is found dead in similar circumstances, and she is soon identified as Becca Smith, Ellie's best friend.

A strange man and woman turn up on the doorstep of Kyle Heath, an eleven-year-old local school boy, claiming to be social workers having received a report of abuse against the child.

As they make the decision to take the child from his mother's custody, little does she know that the man and the woman are in fact child abductors, who have no connection to social services, but with good intentions because the boy is in a bad situation.

A search for the missing boy soon gets underway, but the discovery of a large quantity of drugs underneath the floorboards of his living room reveals some rather dark and sinister secrets.

DI Morton suspects that the child's abduction, however, was planned by his own mother to extort money. The boy's headteacher soon becomes prime suspect when evidence reveals he was with the boy the night after he disappeared.

Meanwhile, Banks' attempt to protect Annie from the emotions of the case draw them closer together. The body of journalist Matt Barber, found in a chalet deep within the hills of a remote village, connects Banks to the death of John Gaunt, played by actor Andre Gwilliam , a guitarist for a band known as "The Crystal Kiss", who died during the s.

His band-mate, and best friend, Martin Hareford, was sent to prison on the grounds of manslaughter, serving five years for Gaunt's death.

Banks finds himself not only investigating Matt Barber's death, but re-opening the Gaunt case in order to identify a potential cover-up which is threatening to hide the truth behind Barber's death.

As Banks finds himself raking over bad memories for those involved, DI Morton finds herself suspicious of Barber's father Jack, who was the investigating officer in the Gaunt case, and who extracted a confession from Martin Hareford.

However, when the files reveal the confession has disappeared, DI Morton suspects that Jack has more to do with his son's death than he is letting on.

Club DJ Richard Martin is run off the road and then shot in the head, after which the perpetrators dispose of his body and his car, as well as the gun used in the shooting.

When the gun turns up in the bedroom of Erin Doyle, the daughter of Banks' long-term neighbours, Banks decides to act quietly to remove the gun without fuss.

However, DI Morton overrules him, forcing him to follow procedure. The team organizes a full-blown raid which results in Erin's father, Peter Doyle, being tasered, resulting in a heart attack.

As Banks, Blackstone, and Lang investigate Martin's death, Annie is forced to conduct an official investigation into Helen's actions, an investigation which threatens to destroy Banks' team.

As the team identify Jaff Kitson as the possible murderer, Erin reveals that Jaff's new girlfriend is none other than Banks' own daughter, Tracy.

Banks has to decide between his family loyalties, his moral actions, and the hope of a relationship with Annie, in order to secure the safety of his daughter.

A young Estonian woman is found dead on a piece of wasteground, suspected of having been buried alive.

As they piece together her prior movements, the team uncover a world of prostitution and drugs hidden behind a respectable veneer.

They discover that the murder victim had come to the UK searching for her sister, who went missing recently. But when their house is burned down in a tragic fire, Banks and his team begin to uncover an even more disturbing truth.

A husband and daughter struggle to come to terms with their grief when the body of wife and mother Anaan Kamel is found washed up by an underground river.

The team struggles to find further information about Marcus, as his records only seem to go back five years. The body of a university undergraduate, Josh Tate, is found dumped in a ravine, stabbed with something like a screwdriver.

His flatmate, Spencer, says Josh was the quiet type - he last saw him heading off to his part time job at the uni lab. As the team piece together his movements, a picture emerges of another Josh, who was infatuated with his friend Spencer's lap-dancer girlfriend Melanie, and was also manufacturing the drug "ecstasy" for club owner Fallon with the help of his biochemistry tutor.

Helen is unnerved by the arrival of former lover Martin Hexton, an undercover officer who claims to be working a case in Yorkshire, just as her own husband Michael reveals he wants custody of their children.

Evidence seems to point to Fallon as Josh's murderer, and the team head to arrest him. But breaking into his flat, they find him badly beaten, and it looks like Hexton might be responsible.

Banks is furious with Helen for not revealing the full extent of her relationship with Hexton earlier. Unbeknownst to the team, he now appears to be stalking Melanie.

Drug dealer Damon Horsley is murdered at the woodland shrine of suicide Sian Haddon, Sian's teen-aged friend Kyle Finn finding the body.

Banks discovers that Horsley owed money to Charlie Franklin, whom Banks suspects of dealing on behalf of outwardly respectable property developer Steve Richards.

Kat is found dead after admitting to Horsley's murder, but Banks is not convinced she died by her own hand though her former therapist, Kyle's mother Alice, claims that she had lately been depressed.

Richards himself uses violence to pursue his own enquiries with Nathan, Horsley's brother, surviving a hit-and-run attempt by Franklin.

When Rachel Li reports her husband, property owner and philanthropist Xun, missing, Banks interviews his brother Chang and niece Wei, hearing the family were dissidents who had to flee China, and son Bo, a hospital worker who does not get on with his father.

There is a ransom request to his wife, which she does surrounded by police. The police find Li, who is put in hospital to recover from exposure.

Li is found dead in his home by his wife, clear plastic over his head. Banks deduces that Xun Li knew his killer as he had opened the door to someone.

His son Bo is the prime suspect; Xun's first wife died giving birth to him, and he is a disappointment to his father. However fibres found on Xun's clothes point to Wendy Xiao, whose protection racket Xun was seeking to expose.

Xun's brother killed him accidentally, after hearing a video from China of Xun describing the people he named for prison in China, giving up his brother and his wife to authorities to save his own life.

The brother gave a taste of the torture which brought on a fatal asthma attack. While the team celebrates Helen Morton's promotion to DCI, Annie meets someone in a restaurant, calls Banks from an alley nearby, and she is stabbed after telling him where she is.

Banks and the team begin the painful job of finding out exactly who was responsible for Annie's death. Banks leads a risky car chase of a suspect, who is taken for questioning but there is insufficient evidence to charge him.

Chief Superintendent Anderson puts pressure on Helen to rein in Banks, Banks is certain that this is all down to one man — crime boss Steve Richards.

Banks' obsession with nailing Richards sends him over the edge, so Anderson puts Banks on leave and appoints Morton as acting DCI for this case.

Though told he is on leave and off the case, Banks continues to interrogate suspects. While the team work on leads to Charlie Franklin, reported missing by his sister who awaits his bone marrow to cure her, Banks operates on the other side of the law, using physical violence to secure a break-through.

The team is close to bringing Steve Richards to justice when one suspect confesses to a murder with no involvement by Richards, which means Banks and the team need to find another connection.

Banks and Morton confront their newest detective who admits to being an agent for Richards, who threatens harm to the detective's father.

Banks pursues Richards in his home, and they engage in a long physical fight. His wife Tamsin then joins them, confessing and explaining how each person was murdered.

Richards is arrested. The closing scene shows Banks at a cairn he erected for Annie. He speaks how he, David and Isla will live on after her demise, and how he misses her.

No flow, no depth or believability with characters. Focused on irrelevant aspects and ignored proper tension building and story flow.

Probably one of the most disjointed detective shows I've ever seen. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew.

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Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Stephen Tompkinson Learn more More Like This. Crime Drama. Inspector Lewis — Crime Drama Mystery.

Vera TV Series Shetland TV Series Inspector George Gently — Unforgotten TV Series Wallander —

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Der durchschnittliche deutsche TV-Haushalt empfängt mehr als 70 vollwertige Programme über seinen Fernseher, insgesamt gibt es mehr als Programme im deutschen TV. Der gewählte Anzeigename ist nicht zulässig. Wieder ein Fehler den alle Sendern leider zu gerne machen. Dem Publikum eine liebgewonne Serie bauer sucht frau namibia jГ¶rn. TV Programm heute Wer heute Fernsehen sehen will, greift entweder zur Programmzeitschrift oder — vor allem bei jüngeren TV-Zuschauern gang und gäbe https://tunstas.se/serien-kostenlos-stream/harter-brocken-4.php nutzt den Programmguide seines Vertrauens im Internet. Checker Julian Wissensmagazin, D learn more here, ab 8 Jahren. Fernsehen auf allen Geräten Über Sender zur Auswahl. Mehr anzeigen. Silk, Staffel 2. Primetime read article bis 0 Uhr ausblenden. Are You the One? Das Passwort muss mindestens einen Kleinbuchstaben enthalten. Beim Zurücksetzen des Passwortes ist leider ein Fehler der lange sommer. Deine Registrierung ist leider fehlgeschlagen. Diesen Hinweis in Zukunft nicht mehr anzeigen. Alle Inhalte in click the following article Übersicht Zum Archiv.

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A television show centered on a soul-searching Swedish cop. Wendy Xiao 2 episodes, Susan Mitchell Nafeesah Kamel 2 episodes, Michael Continue reading DCI Banks. Cafe Customer uncredited 1 episode, Nigel Black Joseph Forbes 1 episode, Kat Click to see more 2 episodes,

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