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Wednesday Addams ist eine fiktive Figur des amerikanischen Cartoonisten Charles Addams. Die Figur ist auch in Fernsehen, Film und Videospielen sowohl im Live-Action- als auch im Animationsformat aufgetreten. - Erkunde dermalmer05s Pinnwand „Wednesday Addams“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Adams familie, Die addams family, Addams familie. In allen anderen Zeichentrick- oder Realfilmen wurde Fester Gomez' älterer Bruder und damit Onkel von Wednesday und Pugsley. Onkel Fester kann in seinem. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Wednesday Addams". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. GRATIS-​Versand. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "wednesday addams kleid". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime.

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Wednesday Friday Addams, besser bekannt als Wednesday, ist eine Figur aus der Addams Family, Tochter von Gomez und Morticia. Jetzt kannst du. Da ich sehr gerne schwarz trage und dunkle Haare habe stand die Wahl für mich schnell fest: Wednesday Addams von der Addams Family. - Erkunde dermalmer05s Pinnwand „Wednesday Addams“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Adams familie, Die addams family, Addams familie.

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Wednesday Addams being a mood for 7 minutes straight. Von Giovannics. Von Sandra Burger. Tags: wednesday addams, addams family, totenkopf. Tags: die addams familie, halloween, addams, horror, goth, tumblr, paar, morticia addams, gomez addams, morticia, gomez, mittwoch, goths, seltsam, klassisch, film, horrorfilm, halloween film, addams familie, zauberer oz stream 1939, 90er jahre. Classic T-Shirt.

Wednesday Addams Video

The Addams Family - Wednesday Goes to School Scene - HD (1080p) Von Article source. Horror Top Thematiken. Mittwoch Addams Notizbuch. Related Stories. Von DavidRSainz. Von Beckroony. K11 schauspieler anzeigen Alle ansehen. Dieses ist auch in einigen von Charles Addams Cartoons see more sehen. Ich bin click at this page nicht so talentiert mit einem Make-up Pinsel wie Alina, aber ein paar kleine Tricks habe ich auch drauf. wednesday addams Schau dir unsere Auswahl an wednesday addams an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu. Lina Benavides hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. - Entdecke die Pinnwand „Wednesday Addams“ von bellsknig. Dieser Pinnwand folgen Nutzer auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Die addams​. Limited number of sets are released each month - hurry to secure your set! We are so happy to announce this magnificent professional watercolour synthetic. - Entdecke die Pinnwand „Wednesday Addams“ von bellsknig. Dieser Pinnwand folgen Nutzer auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Die addams​. Tags: mittags addams, addams familie, addams, gespenstische, outpost 37, halloween, horror, weirdo, mittwoch, tätowierung, kult, film. Tags: mittwoch addams, addams familie. Angebotsformat Alle ansehen. Der dritte Film wurde direkt auf Video herausgebracht und spielt zwischen den Handlungen der beiden Filme, kuschelhase Fester bei der Familie und das Baby Pubert noch nicht anwesend ist. Mittwoch Addams von der Addams Family Dekokissen. Tags: mittwoch, wednesday addams, the addams family, goth, gothic, gruselige, mädchen, addams, gomez, morticia, pugsley, ding, dunkle, dunkle. There seems to be a problem learn more here the request at this time. Here mittwoch, addams, mittags addams, schwarze, blackwork, dotwork, punkte, dunkle, goth. Tags: wednesday addams zitat, wednesday addams zitate, schwarze,, dunkle, wednesday addams, mittwoch adamms, mittwoch wednesday addams, mittwoch addamms, the addams family, addams, goth, gothic, punk, emo, coole, lustige, lustige, geisttier, addams family, addams, mittwoch. Mittwoch Addams Tasse Standard. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte.

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Von ghoulgirl. Diese Serie bringt Änderungen in der Familienstruktur: Fester ist nun Gomez' Bruder und Grandma Morticias Mutter auch wenn die alten Beziehungen im Fernsehfilm useful legend of tomorrow so? wiederverwendet wurden, um mit der Originalserie konsistent zu bleiben. EUR 12,47 Versand. Von fandemonium. Von djpilot Tags: mittwoch, mittwoch addams, addams familie, addams, film, christina ricci, halloween.

Pugsley : We're not shy. Wednesday : We're contagious. Tagged: Hugging , Shy , Contagious. Pugsley : We don't hate him.

We just wanna play with him. Wednesday : Especially his head. Tagged: Baby , Hatred , play. Wednesday : You won't? Joel : You're too weird.

Tagged: remember , Weird. Gary : But, aren't they extinct? Wednesday : They are now. Everyone knows that. Tagged: Bermuda Triangle , vacation , Doom.

Tagged: Funny , dark , Growing Up , boys. I know what I'm doing. Tagged: Funny , dark , Dark Humor. Tagged: fake.

Morticia: And what do we say? Tagged: Funny , dark , insults. Tagged: Funny , dark , Dark Humor , Halloween. Pugsley : Our parents are having a baby, too.

Wednesday : They had sex. Tagged: Procreation , Sex , Birds and Bees. Wednesday : Mon cher. Tagged: cara mia , mon cher , terms of endearment.

In exchange for your immortal soul. Pugsley: Why? Her darkness and sociopathic traits have been toned down, and she is in love with and revealed to be engaged to Lucas Beineke.

In the original sitcom , Wednesday tends to be a lot happier than in the New Yorker Cartoons; she likes ballet and poems and is generally very polite and sweet.

She breeds spiders and knows Judo. Wednesday first appears playing with a voodoo doll, and is upset when the pins prick her.

She is very polite to the new housekeepers, Mystery Inc. She later goes missing, and Mystery Inc. She was unaware that she was being searched for, as she simply stayed in the tower where she was placed and played with her spider, Homer , who "makes a groovy yoyo".

Wednesday's first appearance in the film is her playing with her brother Pugsley by shooting an apple in his mouth, before the two of them head off to school.

The two of them also play in outside with an antenna during a thunderstorm before they're called inside for the seance.

Wednesday greets Tully and Margaret Alford at the door as they arrive for the seance, helping Margaret get the fingertrap off.

She speaks during the seance, calling for the ancestors to help them find Fester, who soon appears. Wednesday is suspicious of Fester and Dr.

She maintains her suspicions, talking about it with Pugsley as she attempts to electrocute him during their game "Is There a God?

When Fester says he has to leave, the Addamses throw him a party with all their relatives. Morticia sends Wednesday upstairs to fetch Fester, but she overhears him talking with Pinder-Schloss- who is really Abigail Craven- and finds out that Fester is an imposter trying to steal their money.

She flees from them and hides in the Mausoleum, where she falls asleep until Gomez finds her. She tells them that Fester is a fake, but they're too late, as Fester has locked them out of the house.

The family has to live in a motel, where Wednesday and Pugsley try to raise money by selling Lemonade , but Wednesday scares away a Girl Scout customer.

Later, when Craven and Tully are thrown from the house, they land in graves dug by the Addams Children, who bury them.

The next Halloween, Wednesday comes downstairs to greet Cousin Itt and Margaret, who asks her what her costume is, as she appears not to have one.

She responds, "This is my costume. I'm a homicidal maniac. They look just like everyone else. The film opens with Wednesday, Pugsley and Grandmama burying a live cat outside.

They later go to the hospital when Morticia goes into labor, where Wednesday tells a little girl that her parents had sex and argues with Pugsley over the baby's gender.

However, after the baby's birth, Wednesday informs Pugsley that once a new baby is born, one of the other children has to die, and she and Pugsley try to drop their new brother Pubert off the roof.

Their parents assure them that they won't be killed, but the two siblings continue to try and kill Pubert in several different ways.

Since this is starting to stress Morticia, their parents try to hire a Nanny, but Wednesday continues to scare them off.

Finally, Debbie Jellinsky is hired, since she seems to get along well with the Family. However, Wednesday grows suspicious that Debbie may not be what she seems, so Debbie convinces Gomez and Morticia to send the two children to Camp Chippewa.

Once there, Wednesday makes quick enemies with the popular girl, Amanda Buckman , but also becomes allies with a boy named Joel Glicker.

The Camp Counselors, Becky and Gary , favor the popular campers and are very unfair to the outcast campers, of which Wednesday becomes the ringleader.

While at camp, Wednesday finds out that Fester and Debbie are getting married, and her refusal to hug the other campers gets her and Pugsley sent to the Harmony Hut , after which she and Pugsley try to escape, aided by Joel, but are caught and subjected to the campers singing Kumbaya.

Wednesday and Joel become closer and she invites him to the Wedding, since she has a free pass to go. After she returns to camp, she receives a letter from Fester that says he never wants to see them again, to which she concludes that "he's a dead man.

Wednesday then discovers that she's been selected to play Pocahontas in the Camp Pageant, " A Turkey Named Brotherhood ," to her horror.

She, Joel and Pugsley sneak away to try and call the FBI, only to be caught and dragged back, since they missed their costume fitting.

Wednesday states that she doesn't want to be in the Pageant, as she thinks it's "puerile and under-dramatized. It appears to have worked, as Wednesday says she wants to be perky and even smiles.

During the play, Wednesday arrives as Pocahontas and tells Sara Miller who is played by Amanda that they brought a gift- a turkey- and compliments her beauty.

However, she then stops the play, describing to the Pilgrims all the horrors that will be inflicted on the Natives, before announcing that she will scalp the pilgrims "and burn [their] village to the ground".

The Misfit Campers who are all playing Indians then revolt, burning down the camp, putting Becky and Gary on a spit, and tying Amanda to a stake, before Wednesday approaches and lights a match, intent on burning her alive.

Later, she escapes over the camp fence, sharing a kiss with Joel before driving away with Pugsley. They arrive at the house, reunited with their family, before Debbie arrives and ties the Family to electric chairs, monologing her backstory to them before trying to kill them.

Check this out :. She is stated to be six years old in the first episode of 's television series. The Addams Family musical. The character has also appeared in television and film, in both the live action and animated formats. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

However, they are saved by Pubert. Joel asks her if she would ever want to get married or have kids, to which she replies that she doesn't, and she would pity any man who would want to "be [her] devoted slave.

If I wanted to kill my husband, I'd do it. And I wouldn't get caught [ In this film , Wednesday offers to help Pugsley prepare for his Mazurka, but she really just wants to bury him alive.

Both Wednesday and Parker confessed to the other that they are bored with their lives until Parker mentions her school to Wednesday, who takes an interest in seeing this part of the town.

Wednesday asks her parents if it is okay for her to go to school with Parker. When she gets there, she finds Parker with her only other friends, twins Layla and Kayla.

When she sees Parker being picked on by mean girl Bethany, who stuffs a moldy sandwich and some kid's soda in her backpack, Wednesday then manages to intimidate Bethany with a threat.

In class, the students are set to dissect frogs. Wednesday instead builds a contraption that brings all the frog to life like zombies, and they proceed to attack Bethany and cause all the kids and teachers, except for Parker, Layla and Kayla, to run out.

Parker thinks Wednesday is awesome for this, and the two become friends. Wednesday eventually goes to Parker's house, where they both lament about how their mothers want them to be the way they are and not how they choose to define themselves.

Parker then dyes her hair black and adopts a goth look while Wednesday wears bright colors. Following an argument with Morticia, Wednesday confides in Pugsley that she is running away.

However, Pugsley blabs to his mom where his sister went anyway. Wednesday suggests it's in Margaux's crafting room, which Parker says they are not allowed in.

They go in anyway and discover a room with cameras, as Margaux has hidden cameras in all the homes in Assimilation. Margaux finds the girls there and locks them in the attic, but Wednesday manages to pick the lock.

Wednesday arrives with living tree Ichabod to rescue the entire Addams Family from their home once Margaux has the entire town of Assimilation to destroy the Addams' home with giant boulders thrown into the Addams' home.

Morticia and Wednesday share a hug for Wednesday returning to rescue the family. Along with Parker, they expose Margaux for hiding hidden cameras in the homes of citizens of Assimilation.

After Margaux's show is cancelled and Uncle Fester decides to help Margaux to sell houses for extended Addams Family, the citizens of Assimilation want to help rebuild the Addams' home to make amends for their actions.

Wednesday tells her mother that although the citizens of Assimilation are unusual, they are good people and they should not judge them for who they are.

After the house is rebuilt, Pugsley completes his Mazurka, which causes Wednesday to smile. Over the years, Wednesday has been portrayed by a variety of actresses, on television, the movies, and stage:.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Wednesday Addams in the original comics. Wednesday in the cartoon series.

Wednesday Addams in the animated film. Categories :. Stream the best stories. Start Your Free Trial. Try Now. Give my creature life!

I tell you, live! The Addams Family and its sequel Addams Family Values [7] portray Wednesday more comic-accurately, maybe even darker.

Wednesday's personality is severe, with a deadpan wit and a morbid interest in trying to inflict harm upon her brothers, first Pugsley and later Pubert.

In both films, she is played by Christina Ricci. In the movie Addams Family Values , Wednesday and Pugsley are sent to a summer camp for "privileged young adults" called Camp Chippewa, where Joel Glicker played by David Krumholtz —a neurotic, allergy-ridden wallflower camper with an overbearing mother—takes a liking to Wednesday.

She refuses to participate in Gary Granger's play, a musical production of the first Thanksgiving. She, Pugsley, and Joel are locked in the "Harmony Hut" and forced to watch upbeat family films to curb their antisocial behavior.

On emerging from the hut, Wednesday feigns perkiness and agrees to play the role of Pocahontas , though her smile ends up scaring the campers, as well as her blonde nemesis.

Before she leaves, Wednesday and Joel kiss. At the end of the film, however, it is suggested that Wednesday, though she obviously likes Joel, purposely tries to scare him to death after he brings up the subject of marriages.

In the television holiday-themed special, Halloween with the New Addams Family , Lisa Loring plays a grown-up Wednesday, who mostly entertains their party guests with her flute, and can hear and understand coded help messages by bound-up members of the family, and dispatch help to free them.

In the time interval between the original TV series and this television movie, her parents had two more children who look just like the original Pugsley and Wednesday.

Krysta Rodriguez played Wednesday. The character is now 18 years old, has "become a woman", and to that effect no longer sports her signature pigtails.

The musical is based on the characters as created by Charles Addams. Starting in September , the production begins its First National Tour.

Cortney Wolfson has been cast in the Wednesday Addams role. The whole family is mostly designed to resemble the initial cartoon depictions, with added details; for instance, Wednesday's hair braids resemble two nooses.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fictional character from The Addams Family. Retrieved 30 May LA Weekly.

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Die Serie der neunziger Jahre wandte sich an jüngeres Zielpublikum, was sich in weniger Schwarzem Humor, vielen Soundeffekten und vielen Musikeinspielungen niederschlägt. Von staycoolbye. Von orishiro. In see more Warenkorb. Von Sandra Burger. Abteilung Alle ansehen. Tags: mittwoch, mittwoch addams, addams, addams familie, addams familienmusical, musical, Schriftzug, theater, broadway, goth, emo, punk, dunkle, sarkasmus, ironie, verärgert. Tags: wednesday addams, read article family, halloween. Von mfefa.

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